Claire Fleurot
5, rue Haute
21640 Flagey-Échezeaux
Téléphone :03 80 62 87 88 
Télécopie : 03 80 62 85 55 
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At the top. Fifth generation of vine growers. Winegrowing estate of 9 ha. Manual grape harvest, standing fermentation open 15 to 20 days, controls temperatures by thermoregulation, ageing out of barrels of oak approximately 18 months, not of joining nor of filtration.
Superb Field of Roche Great wine 2011, of beautiful color crimson, complex with the nose like in mouth (morello cherry, spices, pepper), rich person, very traditional, typified as we like them, with tannins firm and melted at the same time. Beautiful CLOS VOUGEOT Great wine 2012, generous and flexible, with the typical notes of morello cherry finally, beautiful structure, just like this beautiful Échezeaux Great wine 2012, race, of a great complexity. Gevrey-Chambertin 2012, has intense flavors where dominate the red small fruits good ripe (morello cherry, blackberry) and this musk point finally, typified, of tasty mouth.
Exceptional Charms-Chambertin Great wine 2012, race, with black cherry the scents surmûrie and of pepper, cordial as it should be, of a long final, a high-class wine which mixes smoothness and frame, very tempting, with the connotations of fruits, cinnamon and humusto the palate. The Field Saint-Denis Great wine 2011, in the line, is a dense wine, scented (bilberry notes and characteristic underwoods), typified, powerful and complex with the palate.

Domaine Pierre GELINFIXIN Domaine Pierre GELIN

Domaine Pierre GELIN 

Pierre-Emmanuel Gelin
22, rue de la Croix Blanche
21220 Fixin
Téléphone :03 80 52 45 24 
Télécopie : 03 80 51 47 80 
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The winegrowing estate is a family property of a dozen hectares on the communes of Fixin andGevrey-Chambertin. Created in 1925 per Pierre Gelin, then exploited by Stéphen Gelin and his wife, it is their Pierre-Emmanuel son who directs it today.
The methods of culture are traditional, the limited outputs and the manual grape harvest. Total Éraflage, cuvaison during 15 to 20 days, follow-ups of an ageing from 20 to 24 months, out of barrels of oak (20% of new barrels on Premiers Crus and 80% on Great wine). There is besides the intelligence not to on sale put too early the wines here, which is increasingly rare, and allows to become aware of the evolution of such or such year. 
Since the total assumption of responsibility of the winegrowing estate by Pierre-Emmanuel for the production and the wine making some farming modifications were made. No use of weedkillers, manure other than of the amendments resulting from the Organic farming, of insecticides and antipourriture treatments. The grounds are worked mechanically and enherbés contours. The vines are leafless at any beginning of ripening, of this fact the grapes are well ventilated and the very healthy medical condition. In fermenting room, with the replacement of the tanks wood by thermobabbited Inox tanks, the control of the temperatures is managed in a more precise way.
“In 2014, we says Pierre-Emmanuel Gelin, it is the first harvest of a vine planted in Chardonnay in the surface of Burgundy name, and, in 2016, it will be marketed of Burgundy Chardonnay “Dessus de Prielles” 2014, in ageing currently in new barrels. In 2015, we begin conversion into Organic, it is a large challenge which requires a great personal investment because that generates much more work in the vines! 
On the level of marketing, we continue to on sale put the wines only in their fourth year, our year 2011 is on the tariff since December, as for the year 2012, overdrawn of 50%, it will be proposed in 2016.”
It is thus the occasion to excite your papillae with this superb Fixin Premier Cru Clos Napoleon 2011, 50 year old vines, manual grape harvest, high 22 month out of barrels of oak, intense color to the black reflections, the powerful flavors of red fruits, spices, of game, with well coated and rich tannins. the 2010 is complete, of color crimson, with rich and tasty tannins, very scented (ripe, currant…), combining fatty and intensity, of beautiful guard. The 2009 are dense, mixing structure and distinction, with the characteristic nose where are guessed the ripe fruitshumus and spices (grooves, pepper), all in mouth, fleshy, of beautiful evolution. The 2008 are of a great complexity, with the nose really very characteristic dominated by the cooked fruits and liquorice, of powerful frame, with these tannins quite present, of rich mouth (morello cherry, humus, spices). Superb 2007, an intense wine with the nose, which associates structure and distinction, with these notes of smoked quite specific. Tasty 2006, garnet-red color and reflections crimsons. Nose complexes where mix with the notes of soft spices (vanilla and grooves) and of stone-fruits, beautiful fresh attack in mouth, tannins is consistent, molten and delicately underlines the powerful and persistent kirsch flavors, with this beautiful minerality continuing on vanilla finally. 
Splendid Chambertin Field of Bèze Great wine 2011, with the black reflections, the red fruit flavors, of spices, with well coated tannins, is a rich and generous wine, of a beautiful aromatic final, to envisage on a spiced dish. In the line, this very large 2010, of large smoothness, complex and rich person, round and fleshy at the same time, very typified as it should be, with truffle and prune notes, of supported color, a powerful but flexible, promising high-class wine. 
Gevrey-Chambertin Field of Meixvelle 2011, garnet-red color, with much of structure, all in mouth, well balanced, with the nose of cherry and humus, very elegant but powerful frame.  Fixin Premier Cru Les Hervelets dense and is scented (blackcurrant, underwood), with tannins ripe but present, a wine which fills up the mouth well, of an intense final, of very good evolution. Excel Gevrey-ChambertinPremier Cru Clos Prieur 2009, very balanced, with these connotations characteristic of the soil, powerful, full, with tasty and rich tannins at the same time, all in mouth. Fixin is excellent, with subtle cherry connotations, humus, fleshy, quite high.

Domaine René CACHEUX et FilsVOSNE-ROMANÉE Domaine René CACHEUX et Fils

Domaine René CACHEUX et Fils 

René et Gérald Cacheux
28, rue de la Grand-Velle
21700 Vosne-Romanée
Téléphone :03 80 61 28 72 et 06 98 10 47 90 
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At the beginning of last century, François Blée settles in Vosne-Romanée. His/her Charles son, succeeds to him by increasing the surface of the winegrowing estate. In 1966, the exploitation divides between his/her two daughters. Jacqueline Blée, one of her daughters, and her husband Rene Cacheux, created the Winegrowing estate Rene Cacheux-Blée. In 2004, after having worked on other wine exploitations, Gerald, their son, and the Winegrowing estate directs now succeeds to them. 
The whole explains this Vosne-Romanée Premier Cru Les Suchots 2012, always very typified, of color crimson, with the nose dominated by the red fruits with core, a wine of dense mouth, fine and powerful frame at the same time, a long final with ripe and complex nuances of red fruits, underwood and of liquorice. The 2011 develop firm and well balanced tannins, vigorous, with the notes of leather and blackcurrant ripe, a wine of beautiful structure, firm, of very good guard. 
In the line, Chambolle-Musigny 2012, complex and rich, flexible and fleshy at the same time, a wine typified well as it should be, with notes of prune and truffle, full mouth. the 2011, vigorous, of a beautiful color crimson, a dense wine, with powerful but quite ripe tannins, with the subtle nose where the cooked fruits and the violet dominate.

Domaine François GERBETVOSNE-ROMANÉE Domaine François GERBET

Domaine François GERBET 

Marie-Andrée et Chantal Gerbet
Place de l'Église
21700 Vosne-Romanée
Téléphone :03 80 61 07 85 et 03 80 62 32 99 
Télécopie : 03 80 61 01 65 
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Incontestably at the top. A winegrowing estate of 12 ha exploited since 1983 by Marie-Andrée and Chantal Gerbet, girls of François Gerbet who created to him even this winegrowing estate as from 1947, with his wife, girl of vine growers since several generations. “The girls” ensure the management of the winegrowing estate but also part of work of the vine, the wine making, ageing as well as the setting in bottles.
Splendid Vosne-Romanée Aux Pulleys 2011, race, rich person with the nose, the subtle notes of cherry, truffle and humus, a high-class wine complex and powerful, fatty and molten in mouth. the 2009 is tasted particularly well, all in distinction. Superb 2007, typified, of a pretty supported, with the notes of liquorice and morello cherry, associating structure and smoothness, fat and tasty red, of persistent mouth. 
Vosne-Romanée Premier Cru Les Petits Monts 2011 faithful to itself, has a spiced nose, a full body and molten tannins. There is still thisVosne-Romanée Les Suchots 2011, with this major color, with dense tannins, associating frame and flexibility, with the scents of ripe redfruits and underwood, for ageing. Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru Les Plantes 2011, resulting from a very pretty soil with mid--slope close to Charmes, releases from the flavors of morello cherry, an elegant round wine, of a large smoothness, velvety with the palate, but for ageing. Very tasty CLOS VOUGEOT 2011, with the complex flavors (leather, plum…), a powerful and dense wine, of opulent mouth, very beautiful evolution.
Also taste Burgundy High-Coasts of Nuits 2011 coming from grapes collected on the top of the hill of Nuits-Saint-Georges, color ruby, a wine charmer and bouqueté, to taste as of now on a hare with the pin. Vosne-Romanée 2011 develops a full structure, tannins present, pretty wraps dark ruby, with the delicious cooked fruit flavors, a very tempting wine, with potential, to envisage on a hare royale or a roast of veal stuffed with truffles.