Nathalie Arnould
1, rue Gambetta 
51360 Verzenay
Téléphone :03 26 49 40 12 
Télécopie : 03 26 49 44 40 
Email : arnould-ralle@wanadoo.fr 
Site : www.champagne-pierre-arnould.com 

Tradition, quality and family are the three principal values of these two houses (with ChampagneEugene Ralle). Champagne Eugene Ralle was created in 1925 by the grandfather, who transmitted his know-how and his passion to his grandson Pierre Arnould, who created his ownbrand in 1955. 
“Very attached to the tradition, one specifies here, all our bottles age three years minimum (legal time 15 month) in our cellars entirely dug in chalk. All our bottles are stirred up manually using desks out of wooden placed in the middle of our cellars. The black Pinot and Chardonnay are the two type of vines which we use during our assemblies, both resulting from the soil of Verzenay.
Always concerned of quality, we built our own center of pressing. Qualitative counsel, it allows us to follow obtaining musts fully and to control making of our champagnes. This center enables us to store the grape temporarily. Three presses are present: two presses with horizontal press of a capacity of 8000 kgs each one. The grape juice (must) thus obtained is cleansed (kind of natural decantation in the wine language) in our tanks envisaged for this purpose during 12 hours, to be then conveyed in the fermenting rooms for fermentation.” 
There is always this superb Champagne fermented Aurore, presented out of bottle of special form, which joins together two years of which one is vintage of reserve. After a six years ageing in cellar, this large Champagne all in smoothness, releases this beautiful aromatic complexity where nuances of lemon grass, brioche and fresh apricot, balanced are detected, of a beautiful harmony, very out offruit and distinction, of silky foam. Brut beautiful Millésime 2008, with the fine bouquet, discreetly lemon-flavoured, which exhales delicious vegetable and flowered light scents, of acidulous and elegant mouth, a wine which has character. There is Effrontée, Blanc of blacks of the year 2007, born from the will of its authors to dip back in their memories of childhood, to find the gustatory print of the black Pinot on the outlet side of the tanks, under the benevolent glance of a grandfather, a little as one remembers the taste of his first waffles… It is necessary to recognize that the wine is of a great aromatic richness (nuances of fishing, plum and toast), which brings much lightness to him but also the length, of a beautiful complexity with a very pretty final in mouth. the Brut Great wine Sélection (75% black Pinot and 25% Chardonnay, ageing in cellar during 2.5 to 3 years), is delicately fruity, charming lady and intense, with the subtle nose where dominate the apple and honey, a vintage all in charm, of fine foam, combining savor and distinction. 
Excel gross rosé, pure black Pinot resulting from especially selected pieces for their typicity of taste and all located on the vineyard of Verzenay classified in Great wine, the whole bringing this frankness to him in mouth, tempting Champagne, of very beautiful color, with this nose dominated by the stone-fruits and the fresh flowers, of flattering mouth, a distinguished wine, a good length. The medium dry wine is also charmer, suave with wish, of flexible mouth with creamy and persistent nuances. Excel Champagne Extra Brut, very fine, very sharp, which combine delicacy and richness of the flavors, ideal on sushis, for example.



José et Maryse Bardy
2, place de la Gloire
51190 Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
Téléphone :03 26 57 97 57 et 06 15 79 20 29 
Télécopie : 03 26 58 84 34 
Email : contact@champagne-bardy-chauffert.com 
Site : www.champagne-bardy-chauffert.com 

Wine growers of father as son since 4 generations. “Harvest 2014 is of a splendid quality on the coast ofBlancs, it will be vintage, tells us Jose Bardy.”
Beautiful Champagne fermented Symphonie Millésimé Great wine 2010 (100% Chardonnay, old vines), of fine and light foam, with the intense flavors, dominant of hazel nut and apricot, harmonious and tasty, of beautiful structure, intense Champagne. Excels Tradition gross, with the nose dominated by the ripe fruits and the brioche bread, with this point of characteristic freshness, beautiful expression, abundant foam. 
Brut Réserve, at the same time vinous and very fine Champagne, is vigorous and very fruity, with the notes characteristic of ripe small fruits and toast, of full mouth, regularly very successful. Taste rosé Champagne Premier Cru (Chardonnay majority and 7 to 9% black Pinot, red wine ofChampagne), of round and fruity mouth (ripe, apricot), of beautiful color, to envisage hard a raised kitchen. The crude Crude, with the notes of almond and honey, all of structure and perfumes, full and persistent, dense and is finally distinguished at the same time.



David et Véronique Bourdaire-Gallois
28, rue Haute
51220 Pouillon
Téléphone :03 26 03 02 42 
Télécopie : 03 26 04 37 48 
Email : bourdaire-gallois@orange.fr 
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/champagne.bourdaire-gallois 

David Bourdaire cordial, talented, is impassioned to propose all the specificity of the Pinot miller (which deserves it), and continues a real qualitative policy which bears its fruits. What is pleasant in its vintages, it is to discover all the facets of this Pinot miller, which can associate lightness and roundness, promptness and structure, and brings floral nuances well to him.
“Year 2013: beautiful evolution, tells us David Bourdaire, a great freshness, they will be superb wines of concerning the assemblies with the 2014. Year 2014: fragile grapes at the time of the vintage, wines flexible but little diluted. With the assemblies of the 2013, it will be perfect but there will be no Millésimé 2014.
Wines available in 2015: Brut Tradition (2009 base and base 2011), Brut Symphonie bases 2009, then the 2010, the Rosé one (2012 base), Blanc of white (bases 2012) and Millésimé 2006.”
You will appreciate his Brut Champagne vintage Symphonie Prestige, very expressive, structured well, with the tropical flavors (pineapple), with nuances of fresh nut and hawthorn, very charmer, all in mouth.  Champagne gross rosé, with the nose quite present of red small fruits, greedy, with a pleasant vinosity, very balanced. Beautiful Champagne Blanc of white, of which a part is vinified out of barrels, a vintage rich but all in delicacy (proportioned with 7g/l), typified well, very scented (citrus fruits, almond…), a quite constructed, harmonious with the papillae, perfect wine on a rice pudding to the fresh fruits. Taste also the crude, expenses and balanced, of slightly lemon-flavoured mouth, full with elegance, really pleasant, and Brut Réserve (very pretty screen printed bottle), sharp and harmonious Champagne, marked by notes of citrus fruits and fresh flowers, round and highly-strung person at the same time.
Remarkable Millésime 2006, of light and abundant foam, of a beautiful harmony, all into fruity and smoothness, a flexible vintage, with the delicate flavors of Narcisse, honeysuckle and quince, with, with the palate, of the nuances quite present of ripe fruits, of lime and of roasted, is Champagne really very charmer. 



8, rue de L'Abbaye - BP 66
51130 Vertus
Téléphone :03 26 52 26 73 
Télécopie : 03 26 52 06 55 
Email : bourgeoi@hexanet.fr 
Site : http/bourgeois-boulonnais.blogspot.fr 

Owner-Récoltant-Manipulant on 5.5 ha, since several generations.
You will like this brut Champagne Blanc of white Premier Cru Millésime 2005, which releases from the nuances of white flowers and honey, constructed and generous Champagne, where dominate the ripe citrus fruits, the small dried fruits and the spices finally, perfect on oysters in frozen and foams of parsley. the 2004 is a vintage proportioned very well, fresh, combining smoothness and structure, of a good roundness and with the very aromatic bouquet, a tasty wine, very charmer. 
brut Tradition Premier Cru, with fine foam, dry apricot and hazel nut connotations, is an intense and typified vintage. Taste the rosé crudePremier Cru (75% Chardonnay, 25% black Pinot), of full and very fruity mouth (ripe red small fruits), a traditional and distinguished, harmonious wine. Very appreciated still, this Champagne brut Blanc of white Premier Cru (100% Chardonnay), with connotations of apricot and nut fresh, of foam finevintage intense and typified by its type of vine, where one finds with the palate of the nuances of apple and lemon, which combines structure and distinction, very tasty.



Alain Brixon
40, rue Victor Hugo 
51500 Ludes
Téléphone :03 26 61 11 89 
Télécopie : 03 26 61 14 82 
Email : alainbrixon@wanadoo.fr 
Site : www.champagne-brixon-coquillard.fr 

Born in 1900 in a family from vine growers, Georges Coquillard is 20 years old when it decides to constitute a vineyard by grafting itself his seedlings in order to produce his own wines. For him, the marriage of the mad years and the divine sparkling of Champagne were an obviousness then… They is ten years later, in 1932, qu ' it sold its first bottles… At the end of the years 1960, his/her Helene daughter and her Gabriel son-in-law were going to succeed and give a new dash to him to the adventure. Alain, his grandson, joined them as from the years 1980, then perpetuating acquired know-how.
Great success with this Champagne Blanc of white Premier Cru, combining subtlety and complexity, intense with the nose, all in flavors where dominate the fresh flowers and yellowfruits, of very elegant mouth, marked well by its Chardonnay, of a beautiful fine final. BrutChampagne Prestige 2009, with the dominant honey and almond notes, where roundness and distinction join, is at the same time fine and constructed. Excel gross Réserve, full, of fresh and round mouth at the same time, nice gilded color, very fine, with fruity delicate, the scents of hazel nut and Narcisse. Champagne grossrosé a full vintage, of pretty persistent mouth, intense and fruity foam dominated by apricot and blackberry, intense and complex.



Jean-Marc et Céline Charpentier
11, route de Paris
02310 Charly-sur-Marne
Téléphone :03 23 82 10 72 
Télécopie : 03 23 82 31 80 
Email : info@champagne-charpentier.com 
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/champagnecharpentier 
Site : www.champagne-charpentier.com 

Beautiful family exploitation I like whose currency particularly: “better is worth to aim atexcellence and to miss it by a little to aim at the mediocrity and to reach it”. It is today the eighth generation of vine growers which directs this Maison founded in 1855. The vineyard counts 20 ha under reasoned fight. Encépagement is single and atypical for the area of the valley of the Marne: 45% of Chardonnay, 40% of Pinot miller and 15% of black Pinot. The barouche, emblem of the house represented on the label of the vintage Terre d' Émotion, symbolizes the duty to perpetuate know-how and the values received in heritage. The pieces of old vines intended for the development of the vintages Terre d' Émotion are cultivated in biodynamy.
“In 2013, we collected superb grapes but sums disappointed enough by the produced wines which do not have enough matter. 2014: much better than 2013. Chardonnay are splendid, but in small quantity: 9000 kg with the hectare. The black Pinots and millers are far behind, an exception for “Terre d' Emotion” in Pinot miller: superb, but the reference remains 2012 and 2008, the latter being marketed in 2015.”
Indeed, this brut Champagne Terre d' Émotion rosé, is really remarkable, assembly only of old vines to dominant of Chardonnay, with the subtle flavors of wild strawberry, well balanced mouth where one finds notes of brioche and almond, a wine as one likes them, frankly, of beautiful color, charmer on a white meat with the cream as on a cake with the fruits. Their Champagne Terre d' Émotion Blanc of blacks (black Pinot majority, and Meunier Pinot, resulting from old vines), constructed, releases a fruity complex, generous and charmer, a very round but very fine wine also, of persistent foam. Terre d' Émotion Blanc of white (pure Chardonnay compartmental old women vines and wine makings) is of light and intense foam, of powerful mouth, rich in flavors (almond, white flowers…), of beautiful frame. The rosécrude of supported color, round mouth, of a very beautiful expression, developing elegance and vinosity, is slightly spiced. brut Millésime2006, powerful and fine beautiful at the same time, well balanced with the papillae, with persistent floral notes then nuances of quince and fresh almond, full and charmer, a vintage all in aromatic freshness, with the fresh fruit notes to the palate. 
Champagne Terre d' Émotion, of a beautiful color but, with flavors quite present and notes of lime and honey, finely bouqueté, is of a great width into final. brut Réserve, assembly of three type of vines with dominant Pinot miller with wines of reserve in greater proportion, at the same time constructed and distinguished, of a beautiful nervousness, of a great elegance, a vintage with the ripe citrus fruitsscents and nut.



Président : Jacques Marquette
14, boulevard Pasteur - BP 8
51160 Aÿ
Téléphone :03 26 55 15 88 
Télécopie : 03 26 54 02 40 
Email : info@champagne-collet.com 
Site : www.champagne-collet.com 

Since 1921, Maison Collet works out of Champagnes of character with the aim of satisfy customers with demanding experts, seeking in his Champagnes the authenticity, elegance as well as a large smoothness. Based in Aÿ in the middle of Champagne, the Collet house is based mainly on a provisioning of Premiers and Great wines reflecting the diversity of the soils ChampagneChampagne Collet is a wine of high gastronomy whose each vintage was developed so that it joins all the occasions perfectly, of aperitif with the finest mets.
Maison Cogevi was created on the initiative of the Managing director of the Country cottage Collet, Olivier Charriaud, one specifies. It is a single place in its kind which recalls the history of this older co-operative of Champagne. The visitor crosses the century, through sets of themes, which tell the evolution of the world of first Guerre world at the era of universalization. 
Our Villa Collet proposes to the visitors a cultural and artistic voyage in the middle of the years 1920 and Arts Deco. She wants to be the one time evocation, of an art of living. Champagne and Arts are closely bound, each part is associated with a vintage of the rangeChampagne Collet. It is a space polymorphic and rich, at the same time historical, cultural, artistic and event-driven. The stage of Villa Collet is reserved for the exposures of works the artistic ones of different backgrounds. 
The Atelier part of Grands Couturiers associated with the vintage Esprit Couture refers to the “small hands” of the seam and the “small hands” of Champagne. Cabinet of Chefs proposes the Blanc vintage of white and the world of Gastronomie, Galerie of Matériaux associated with the vintages Extra Brut and Brut Art Deco, expose the work of the raw material of works of Article Vinothèque, a longgallery of 200m shelters more than 30,000 bottles which tell the history of the co-operative, through the great men and the great years which marked out it.
Lastly, the creation of Parcours de Visite which offers to the visitor a single panorama on the trade secrets of Champagne and plunges it in the single atmosphere of the hollow centenaries of Aÿ. Discovered production site entirely dedicated to the Collet Champagne. Thus the visitor appreciates and understands the various stages of development of Champagne, of the vine, with the birth of the first bubbles, until the final stage of the preparing of the bottle. The City of Champagne Collet-Cogevi thus wants to be the celebration of a soil, a product and a history. 

Champagne R.H. COUTIER

Champagne R.H. COUTIER 

7, rue Henri-III
51150 Ambonnay
Téléphone :03 26 57 02 55 
Télécopie : 03 26 57 59 58 
Email : champagne.coutier@wanadoo.fr 

It is the fourth generation which exploits this family winegrowing estate of 8.5 ha. 
Champagne Great wine year 2005, remarkable by its complexity of flavors and its length in mouth, with the nose of small fruits (quince, lemon), is vinous and fine at the same time, charmer, rich person, of a great elegance. BrutBlanc of white Great wine without year, scented and persistent, mixes smoothness and structure, a good roundness, very aromatic, with the connotations of white flowers and dried fruits. Excel gross rosé, of a color with salmon reflections, with the soft crunching cherry flavors and of strawberry, of rich mouth, with a light point of promptness which makes any sound charms.



Chritsine et Bertrand Fleury
02850 Trélou-sur-Marne
Téléphone :03 23 70 83 99 et 06 25 48 18 91 
Email : contact@champagne-fleury-gille.fr 
Site : www.champagne-fleury-gille.fr 

A family and artisanal exploitation of 8 ha, located between river and slopes, in the valley of the Marne. Christine and Bertrand Fleury, descendants of a long line of vine growers (Pierre-Louis Fleury, was it already in the village of Trélou in 1842) thus perpetuate the tradition, while bringing there their personality and a little modernity in marketing. Adherent in Vignerons Indépendants de France (pledge of authenticity and to know to make), the Fleury family also proposes to enter, the one day time, in the universe of the Champagne vine grower, while taking part in the workshops “around Champagne” in Maison Vigneronne: an ideal framework to learn in a ludic way art of tasting.”
Here is a beautiful initiative, and one thus gives pleasure with their Champagne fermented Pierre Louis brut year 2006, all in flavors, of mouth distinguished where the dried fruits and the apple dominate, from intense foam, Champagne associating power, elegance and persistence. Beautiful Champagne Absolu ultra gross, a vintage of a beautiful harmony, which develops almond and lemon flavors, with this intense mouth, of a very beautiful expression with the palate.brut the Bulles vintage of Ovalie, with the dominant ones of apricot and lime, where roundness and distinction join, is at the same time fine and quite constructed, of a beautiful final.  brutMillésime 2002 is always particularly tempting, a great vintage where one finds nuances of ripe grape and nut, of sharp mouth, fine and complex with fresh citrus fruits savors. 
There is also this Champagne gross rosé, of pretty foam, tender and suave as it should be, which release from the nuances of strawberry and spices), and Champagne Carte of Gold in nuggets, with connotations of flowers and toast, of foam finefloral, creamy, of a beautiful width to the palate, to lead to a fish pâté. 
Taste brut Grande Réserve, elaborate starting from three type of vines Champagne, the delicate nuances of nut and small fresh flowers, very persistent, which mixes elegance and vinosity, of pretty foam



Louis Cheval-Gatinois
7, rue Marcel-Mailly
51160 Aÿ
Téléphone :03 26 55 14 26 et 06 81 06 81 69 
Télécopie : 03 26 52 75 99 
Email : contact@champagne-gatinois.com 
Site : www.champagne-gatinois.com 

Brut Champagne Réserve Great wine, is rich, where one detects nuances of lemon and honey, associating power and distinction, an elegant wine, scented, ideal during a meal. Taste also the Rosé Great wine of Aÿ, a wine very quite high, with the nose of ripe smallfruits, flexible, of beautiful color, mouth very fruity, with the nuances of raspberry and rose, full, mixing structure and refinement. Beautiful Brut Tradition Great wine (majority black Pinot with 20% of Chardonnay), full and scented, with the subtle nose where citrus fruits flavors and small flowers develop.



Hervé et Florence Gobillard
341, Rue des Côtes-de-l’Héry
51160 Hautvillers
Téléphone :03 26 59 45 66 et 06 07 89 19 45 
Télécopie : 09 70 63 18 31 
Email : info@champagne-gobillard-pierre.com 
Site : www.champagne-gobillard-pierre.com 

The generations follow one another, involve, bring their personal keys, innovate, all plain in the perenniality of the knowledge to make family. Thanks to this ô spirit how much marked but also with alliance tradition and modernity, the exploitation knows a constant evolution. A roomy infrastructure offers volumes of storage allowing the ageing of the wines and the technological processes increasingly more powerful contribute to the guarantee of quality of Champagnes and make house Pierre Gobillard his fame. Here, the reception of the customers is also a moment privileged during which a family member puts at the honor his knowledge with the profit of the host. Maison has the wish to receive his customers with user-friendliness. Their son, Pierre-Alexis, joined them in order to follow and continue this family know-how.
Here is beautiful Champagne fermented Florence 2009, first vintage Champagne of Maison, which comes to reward know-how for Herve Gobillard, its elaborative, which knew to marry the smoothness of Chardonnay and the power of the black Pinot to pay an elegant homage to his wife. Three years of ageing on slats of the bottles before discharging, with autolysis of yeasts of the catch of foam, give this suave wine, all in harmony and fruity, with this final subtly acidulous, complex, which combines freshness and frame.
In the line, this brut Champagne Blanc of white, a vintage fine, charming lady and intense, with the subtle nose where honey dominates. Excel medium dry, where roundness and distinction, very aromatic join, with the scents of quince and lime, a wine at the same time very fine andsuave, of a beautiful creamy final, perfect on the rich desserts
Excel gross Authentique, harmonious assembly of Pinot black and miller and Chardonnay, dense and scented, with the persistent floral notes, of a pretty smoothness, abundant foam, persistent and fruity mouth. Champagne CuvéePrestige Premier Cru, whose majority Chardonnay type of vine brings its distinction to him and the black Pinot fruity sound, is of gilded color, of a large smoothness, with the nose of flowers, very harmonious in mouth, to privilege with aperitif. Pretty Premier Cru gross rosé, where the transparency of its bottle underlines its nice salmon color, intense with the nose, all in delicacy, with nuances of fresh blackberry to the palate. 



Marie-Marjorie Laurent
2, rue des Remparts
51160 Avenay-Val-d'Or
Téléphone :03 26 52 32 69 
Email : email@laurent-gabriel.com 
Site : vinsdusiecle.com/champagnelaurent-gabriel 
Site : www.laurent-gabriel.com 

In 1982, Daniel Laurent takes again the family exploitation of his parents. His/her father produced only one negligible part of his harvest inChampagne which it held to some friends and to customers, the remainder was sold with the Champagne trade, with the vintage, out of grapes. As of its arrival, it decided to produce its own Champagne, with the assistance of his wife, they are shouldered by Marie-Marjorie, their daughter. 
Their exploitation is very modest, with 2.5 ha of vines located on two soils: 90% with Avenay-Val-in Or, classified 1st Cru, and in Avize, classified Great wine. Surface silt argilo-limestone 40 to 60 cm and basement chalk, with grinding stone castings. South-south-east. very traditional Wine making, ageing out of barrels (a few months) 30% of the production. Wine making of the basic wine for a part out of barrels for the development of the assembly of the vintages. No malolactic fermentation.
The typical example of Champagne coming from a clean soil.
“In 2014, we knew rain and cold in July and August, then sun in September with hot temperatures and fermentations left quickly, tells us Marie-Marjorie Laurent. The average degree was good: 9,5/10° with a marked acidity. Chardonnays are well balanced, the piece of 1955 planted in black Pinot brought a very beautiful surprise to us and will surely millésimerons we it. Tastings start to have an idea of the assemblies which we will carry out at the end of May. Sales in 2015: Chart of Gold in nuggets and Half-Sec, Grande Réserve brutRoségross.”
Remarkable Champagne fermented Prestige Millésime 2000 (80% black Pinot, 20% Chardonnay), resulting from a wine making without malolactic fermentation and cold passage, ageing approximately 6 months out of barrels of oak, where all the complexity of the black Pinot, is expressed, generous and elegant Champagne, of persistent foam, very fruity, a full and scented vintage of mouth (brioche, fishing), of a very refined final.
Beautiful brut Champagne Carte d' Or, gold medal independent Vignerons 2012, of a pretty subtlety of flavors where one finds nuances of lemon and nut, dense and distinguished at the same time. Alluring rosé gross Premier Cru, a rich and distinguished wine, of good mouth with notes of raspberry, a beautiful constant pink color. The vintage Grande Réserve Premier Cru brut, with the subtle and persistent nose, of pretty foam, develops flavors of fishing and toast with the palate, all in mouth, quite persistent.



Xavier et Sylvie Leconte
7, rue des Berceaux
51700 Troissy-Bouquigny
Téléphone :03 26 52 73 59 
Télécopie : 03 26 52 71 81 
Email : contact@champagne-xavier-leconte.com 
Site : www.champagne-xavier-leconte.com 

A history of family passion since 5 generations. It is into 1978 that Xavier joined the exploitation with a patent of technician in vine growing and enology out of pocket. In 1980, it deals with the exploitation of his large uncle Roger, and it is on this date that the totality of the grapes is crushed on their press, then vinified and aged in their cellars. Their son currently oenologist council, will join them in spring and will represent the sixth generation on the Winegrowing estate.
Tasty Champagne Charme d' Anaïs brut year 2009, all in flavors, of a beautiful vinosity, very balanced, of intense mouth where aromatic richness and persistence mix, with the scents of small dried fruits (almond, nut) and of pear. The vintage Intuition d' Alexis brut, especially elaborate for Alexis, the oldest son, of beautiful gilded color, with the nuances of ripe fruits, the notes of lime and apricot, is of vinous mouth with creamy keys. Tempting fermented Prestige, where one finds nuances of citrus fruits and almond, full mouth, delicate foam. Excels rosé Secret de Femme, of beautiful color, with the connotations of raspberry and rose.
There is also this Collection vintage-Scellés de Terroirs, which gathers fort pretty bottles, of which this Pinot black 2006, powerful andbouqueté, with delicate pear scents and nut, an unquestionable nervousness, interferes frame and smoothness, Meunier 2007, delivered in a very pretty bottle, a vintage charming lady with these cookie notes, a great success, vigorous and very fruity, of a very pretty presence in mouth, and the Rosé one of Saignée 2008, always of salmon color, which feels the fresh fruits good (strawberry, raspberry).


Laurent LEQUART 

17, rue Bruslard
51700 Passy-Grigny
Téléphone :03 26 58 97 48 et 03 26 52 26 38 
Télécopie : 03 26 57 06 34 
Email : laurent.lequart@wanadoo.fr 
Site : www.champagne-lequart.fr 

A vineyard of 10 ha, carried out in vine growing reasoned since 20 years.
“We launch two new vintages, intended for the gastronomy, specifies us Laurent Lequart: the Prestige vintage into soft and the vintage Vieilles Vignes out of natural crude.”
Remarkable brut Champagne Millésime 2007, equal shares of Chardonnay and Pinot miller, refined to some extent out of barrels 6 months, of a pretty aromatic complexity where one finds nuances of lemon and honey, frank mouth, of an elegant nervousness, with the pleasant notes of rose and lemon to the palate. Blanc De Blancs is all in nuances, with the white fruit flavors, with, finally, of the notes of honey, rose and of lemon, of a great persistence, combining charms and structure. Tasty vintage Réserve (90% Pinot miller, 10% black Pinot), with the nose of fresh almond and ripe citrus fruits, pretty foam, dominated by nuances of apricot to the palate. 
Excel  brut Champagne vintage Vieilles Vignes, 100% Pinot miller, resulting from old vines of more than 45 years, of very good mouth, where one finds nuances of white peach and driedfruits, delicate and structured, very aromatic. brut the Prestige vintage, pure Pinot miller, vintage 2007.70% vinified out of barrels, without fermentation malolactic, wine 30% of reserve, dense and distinguished at the same time, and profits from a particularly neat presentation. Excel gross rosé, at the same time very fine and fleshy, of supported color, traditional with this ripe raspberry nose, very out of frame, notes subtle where the red fruits and the violet dominate in mouth. Very pretty vintage of medium dry Réserve (90% Pinot miller and 10% black Pinot), with the nut and ripe citrus fruits nose, suave, really tempting.


Pierre MIGNON 

Pierre, Yveline, Céline et Jean-Charles Mignon
5, rue des Grappes-d’Or
51210 Le Breuil
Téléphone :03 26 59 22 03 
Télécopie : 03 26 59 26 74 
Email : info@pierre-mignon.com 
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/champagne-pierre-mignon 
Site : www.pierre-mignon.com 

In charge of the Second Classified High-class wines. This family installed since several generations in Breuil in the valley of Surmelin, works out her Champagnes by combining tradition and modernity. Pierre and Yveline take again the winegrowing estate in 1970 and today, their two children, Céline and Jean-Charles, take part in the expansion of the mark. 
The typicity and the diversity of the soils make it possible to work out of Grands Champagnes deCaractère. The vineyard of 14 hectares is distributed in all Champagne: Valley of the Marne, Coast of Blancs and area of Epernay. Encépagement with majority of Pinot Meunier (60%) is supplemented by Chardonnay present on 30% of the pieces and the Noir Pinot which covers 10% of the exploitation. This harmonious distribution makes it possible to work out of Champagnes d' Exception. The experience, gained generations in generations, is one of the important components which contribute to the fame of Maison. The production is of more than 420,000 bottles marketed in France and abroad: in Europe, Africa and Asia, in particular in Japan. Cuvées are appreciated by many experts and prestigious customers: Maison provides amongst other things celebrates it Pâtisserie Ladurée, the Azzaro perfumes and Thierry Mugler, Palais of the Elysium, the National Assembly, of many ministries, town halls, restaurants, delicatessens and hotels prestigious. Many distinctions reward this qualitative regularity: award a medal to of Argent Vinalies Internationales 2011 for BrutPrestige and Cuvée Harmonie de Blancs 2004, gold medal Vinalies Internationales 2011 for Cuvée Grande Réserve…
Superb Champagne fermented Cœur d' Or 2006, version Saint Valentin 60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot miller and 10% black Pinot, a largeChampagne of character, beautiful aromatic complexity where intermingle with the nuances of lemon and honey, stops full and powerful, presented in a red bottle metallized with a stopper which contains a medallion gilded Arthus Bertrand. The vintage of Madame Millésime2006, coming from the same proportion of type of vines, is presented in a metallized bottle but, a scented wine, with notes of citrus fruits, broom, light foam, mouth dominated by the ripe fruits and the small dried fruits
All in nuances, Champagne fermented Collection Magnolia profits from a bottle particularly worked, flowered and purified, a vintageworked out in limited quantity, all in nuances of flavors, with this dense and sharp mouth where quite persistent floral keys are found, of foam fine and fruity, full, of a beautiful width to the palate. Beautiful Féminity vintage, with 55% Meunier, 35% Chardonnay, and 10% black Pinot, releases from the honey and lemon scents, a full and powerful mouth, and the container is once again with the height with this splendid avoided metallized bottle of a coloured film.
Champagne fermented Année de Madame 2006.60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot miller and 10% black Pinot, Outstanding commendation award Vinalies 2013, marked by notes characteristic of hazel nut and ripe apple, are a vintage dominated by a persistent elegance in mouth, at the same time very fine and mature. Rosé Prestige of Saignée (65% Pinot miller, 20% Chardonnay, 15% black Pinot), medal of Argent Vinalies 2013, develops a full and silky mouth, very fruity, a wine with much of softness, perfect on a tart sanded with the strawberry.
One continues with this Cuvée Désir and SENS Blanc of white Great wine Millésime 2004: a vintage suggested in a metallized bottle of coppered color. This Blanc Great wine 2004 is presented in a bottle refined for Champagne 100% Chardonnay Great wine, of fresh and very sophisticated pace, of nice brilliant color, a powerful and fine wine at the same time, balanced, scented, very tempting, complex, with a beautiful slightly spiced, traditional aromatic intensity of this very beautiful year, where freshness is omnipresent. Taste Grande Réserve Brut, 80% Pinot miller, 10% Chardonnay and 10% black Pinot, awards a medal to Or Vinalies 2011, where the macerated citrusfruits and the small dried fruits dominate, all in persistence, of nice gilded color, and Brut Prestige, of a beautiful complexity, dense and distinguished, medal of Argent Vinalies 2011.
There is still remarkable Champagne fermented Pure (55% Pinot miller, 35% Chardonnay, 10% black Pinot, assembly aged in cellars more than 3 years, Brut nature not proportioned), full, very fruity with the nose like in mouth, very subtle and persistent, of very fine foam, perfect with aperitif Or on sushis, and Champagne Prestige Gold, 55% Pinot miller, 35% Chardonnay, 10% black Pinot, presented in a metallized bottle of color gold with a plated muselet but, all in flavors, with the scents of fresh small fruits, of honey and almond, beautiful firm and suave Champagne, of foam fine, of a beautiful final. 

MORIZE Père et Fils MORIZE Père et Fils

MORIZE Père et Fils 

Guy Morize
122, rue du Général-de-Gaulle - BP 8
10340 Les Riceys
Téléphone :03 25 29 30 02 et 03 25 29 36 89 
Télécopie : 03 25 38 20 22 
Email : contact@champagnemorize.com 
Site : www.champagnemorize.com 

Family exploitation installed since 1830. 
“Our vineyard, one says, is planted for the 9/10e in black Pinot and the remainder in Chardonnay. It is resulting from a reasoned culture, and profits as a majority from the size cord from Royat, which makes it possible to produce a grape of quality. We work out our Champagne in more the great respect of the tradition where each vintage, assembly of our various type of vines of various years, enables us to obtain Champagne equipped with a true personality and a constant quality. Our property obtained the label Point reception on the tourist road of Champagne, and you will discover our very beautiful cellars of XIIe century as well as a splendid typicallyChampagne vault of tasting.” 
Beautiful brut Champagne Sélection Millésime 2000 (95% of Chardonnay and a suspicion of white Pinot), Champagne all in flavors, with the nose of fresh small fruits, honey and almond, beautiful firm and suave Champagne, of fine foam, combining roundness and nervousness, very out of frame, of a beautiful final. Champagne Tradition, pure black Pinot, is of mouth distinguished where the dried fruits dominate, with the subtle and persistent nose, of ripe and creamy mouth. The rosé crude is of salmon pink color with coppered reflections, with the connotations of freshfruits (blackcurrant, bilberry) and of brioche bread, of intense mouth with a round and persistent final. Excel brut Champagne Réserve (85% black Pinot and 15% Chardonnay, collect 2007 with 20% of old wines of reserve), of beautiful color, mature and suave in mouth, Champagne rich and all in smoothness, with these floral and fruity notes, with dominant of roundness, slightly spiced with the palate. 
Taste rosé of Riceys 2010.18 months out of tanks, a very beautiful expression, developing elegance and vinosity, typified and bouqueté Vin, all in length.

Étienne OUDART Étienne OUDART

Étienne OUDART 

Jacques Oudart
Le Manoir des Arômes - 15, rue de la Grange Jabled
51530 Brugny
Téléphone :03 26 59 98 01 
Télécopie : 03 26 59 92 27 
Email : contact@champagne-oudart.com 
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/champagne-oudart 
Site : www.champagne-oudart.com 

A village a few kilometres from Épernay, cradle of the Oudart house since 1958. In the traces of their father Etienne, Jacques Oudart and his Marie-Noëlle sister exploit this vineyard of 9 ha. Some 40 year old vines on average, cultivated in reasoned vine growing, member of the Magister network, the exploitation is committed in a durable and effective wine step. Total suppression of the use of insecticide since 10 years, quite simply by maintaining balance between certain parasites being made competition and destroying themselves.
“Year 2013: knowing that the quantity of harvest is stopped by the vine growers and the traders, 1 ha is equivalent to 10100 kg of grapes, but only 80% will be used for this year, therefore, less quantity but beautiful year, tells us Jacques Oudart.
Year 2014: 4000 bottles are planned for Cuvée Juliana. The wines will be marketed in a minimum of 5 years is in 2019 even 2020. Harvest was abundant and there was a recycling. In short, 2013 and 2014 are two years clearly with the top of the average, but not exceptional.
In 2015, we have with the sale: brut Origine containing Pinot miller, brut Référence (black Pinot and Chardonnay), the 2006.100%Chardonnay (sandy soil, talk full southern, atypical), the vintage Juliana 2006 (assembly of 3 type of vines), brut Extra (black type of vine, weak sugar proportioning, 4 gr. by bottle), and finally the Rosé vintage, which associates red wine and white wine, from where red fruit flavors: mill, raspberry in particular.
We have in project the creation of Jardin Aromatique “Manoir of Arômes” which will be finished in two years, where one will be able to find the flavors of the plants and those of our vintages.”
Remarkable brut Champagne Millésimé 2006, very beautiful Champagne of beautiful yellow color scented with amber, with these typical green reflections, with the notes of fresh hazel nut, pear, lemon, a pretty smoothness, with this point of freshness and fruity signed by this great Champagne year, very persistent with the nose as with the palate.  Champagne Instant Douceur gross rosé Référence (60% black Pinot, 30% Pinot miller and 10% Chardonnay), is of very pretty color, full, with the nuances of flowers, raspberry and of spices, associating richness and flexibility, of mouth acidulated, perfect on mullets or a pound cake with dress pink. Remarkable ChampagneInstant Fraîcheur brut Référence (40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot miller and 20% black Pinot), of color to the pale reflections, with flavors of flowers (broom, rose) and citrus fruits, of full and tempting mouth. Still taste Champagne Instant Élégance Chardonnay brut Millésimé 2005, of pale color but, loose and powerful, of a pretty aromatic complexity with connotations of rose, lemon and roasted, a very beautiful expression, a beautiful vintage, mixing elegance and structure finally.


Jean-Michel PELLETIER 

22, rue Bruslard
51700 Passy-Grigny
Téléphone :03 26 52 65 86 
Télécopie : 03 26 52 65 86 
Email : champagnejmpelletier@wanadoo.fr 

Very beautiful place in Classement 2015. Fourth generation for this family winegrowing estate
“We made a small wink with the past, tells us Jean-Michel Pelletier. By carrying out the work of the ground with the plow drawn by a horse, we reduce the use of chemicals. You can find at the cellar our traditional vintages as well as the vintage Anaëlle Millésimé with a partial wood passage on Chardonnay, pretty Champagne with the vanilla, dried fruit notes and of toasté. An innovation to discover this year, Blanc of white, with the white fruit flavors”
Here, one attaches a care particular to the preparing and it should be recognized that the labels are the ones more tempting than the others.
Very favorite for its Champagne fermented Anaëlle Millésime 2008, delicate alliance of Chardonnay aged out of barrels and Pinot miller, of fine and persistent foam, of a beautiful complexity in mouth, all into fruity and smoothness, Champagne very well proportioned, full and framed, which feels the toast and the fresh flowers. The vintage Origine, a vintage pure Meunier Pinot, develops apple flavors and fresh nut, with this intense mouth and these nuances of white flowers and lemon grass, of elegant foam.
Blanc of white fermented Confidentielle particularly is successful (very beautiful label), combining distinction and structure, a beautiful full and floral vintage, of pretty mouth, very elegant, of intense and fruity, ideal foam with aperitif. Excels gross rosé, of beautiful color, with the ripe fruit nose (currant, raspberry…), with this key delicately spiced finally, really charmer on a lobster as on a dessert with the chocolate. Beautiful vintage Grande Réserve brut, with this nose with the floral and fruity notes, a wine of delicate mouth dominated by nuances of citrus fruits and lime, beautiful creamy foam vintage
Always taste Half-dryness, one of the prettiest bottles of this category, all in flavors, associating elegance and frame, the Candicevintage, charming lady, all in distinction, powerful and refined, of consistent and very fine foam, with the subtle notes of fresh flowers and ripe fruits finally, and Champagne brut Sélection, very fruity, generous and charmer, full and sharp, who mixes distinction and firmness, of frank mouth to the subtle floral notes



Benoist et Isabelle Perseval
12, rue du Voisin
51500 Chamery
Téléphone :03 26 97 64 70 
Télécopie : 03 26 97 67 67 
Email : champagne.perseval-farge@orange.fr 
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/perseval-farge 

The winegrowing estate is established on the commune of Chamery (classification Premier Cru), in the middle of the mountain of Rheims since 1955, and it is exploited according to the principles of the reasoned fight (low of slopes: clayey sand, mid--slopes and heights : argilo-limestone). Pinot miller, black Pinot, Chardonnay and recently the plantation of old type of vines: Small Meslier, Arbanne and Fromentot harmoniously share planted surfaces. The listening of the soil, the comprehension and the adaptation of the vineyard as well as the diversity of type of vines make it possible this house to compose (partially under wood) of the harmonious and diversified vintages. Art consists in working out a broad panel of Champagnes equipped with a real personality. They is there that the tradition and passion are expressed fully maintained by Benoist Perseval, collect-handling vine grower. 
Beautiful brut Champagne Premier Cru Millésimé 2000 (60% Chardonnay, 30% black Pinot and 10% Pinot miller, 28 year old vineyard on a clay-sand soil), of persistent foam, of a beautiful harmony, all in freshness and smoothness, full, which develops subtle flavors of rose and broom. Very fine, the vintage brut Pucelle Nature Premier Cru, of yellow color to the green reflections, with the light bubbles, of fresh mouth with almond and citrus fruits connotations, is ideal on marinaded fish.  Champagne fermented Jean-Baptiste (55% Chardonnay, 30% black Pinot and 15% Pinot miller), with the dominant ones of almond and honey, where power and distinction join, is at the same time fine and constructed, of a beautiful finale to the palate. Beautiful vintage Terre de Sable brut Premier Cru, with fine and light, with the intense flavors, marked by hazel nut and apricot, harmonious and tasty foam, of beautiful structure, dense and scented Champagne
Taste also brut Champagne Blanc of white, which has a ripe apple nose and a suave mouth, powerful and complex, where intermingle the fruits, the heather and the flowers fresh. You will like also brut Blanc of blacks Premier Cru, of beautiful aromatic complexity where nuances of lemon grass, brioche and apricot, elegant and sophisticated mouth are detected. Their Champagne Premier Cru fermented C of Chardonnay, with the nose of white flowers and grapefruit, is all in elegance, sharp, fruity and fond of delicacies.



Charles Philipponnat
13, rue du Pont
51160 Mareuil-sur-Aÿ
Téléphone :03 26 56 93 00 
Télécopie : 03 26 56 93 18 
Email : info@philipponnat.com 
Site : www.champagnephilipponnat.com 

Charles Philipponnat is the heir to a viticultural longtradition. Maison joined in 1997 the group Boizel Chanoine Champagne, managed by the founders families with primarily family capital and Champagne. She has the advantage of having 17 hectares of vines located in the vintages of Aÿ, Mareuil, Mutigny and Avenay. 
Excellent soils including two exceptional, the Leon, in Aÿ and the Field of Goisses, in Mareuil. Both are characterized by a strong exposed slope full southern, pledge of great maturity. In the Field of Goisses the slope reaches 45% of uneven and the little been windy microclimate is protected by the top from Gruget and the walls from the Field, which makes the hottest soil of it, producing the wines of a great intensity.
“Since good about fifteen years, we did many efforts to specify the style of our Country cottage, tells us Charles Philipponnat. We improved quality of the assemblies, entirely renovated the tool for wine making, accentuated the presence of the black Pinot in our assemblies so that the personality of our Champagnes, their character, are expressed as well as possible. 
In short, we paid our attention on many details, that it is with the vine growing, the wine making and made great progress thus that the customers and consumers recognize already. Following this great determination, it seemed logical to us that the new presentation of the bottle reflects the improvement of the quality of our wines. Our new preparing received an excellent reception, we even received spontaneous congratulations of our customers. 
We have changes of usual years like Blanc of white, leave Grand Blanc 2007, a Champagne more structured, more serious than the 2006. 
Our Blanc of blacks 2008 is a superb year in Champagne, a wine very successful ripe, intense, of a beautiful acidity, soft firmness, of a beautiful brightness. Year 2006 for our Cuvée 1522, it is one year more tender, enough pleasant, scented, which is different from 2005 which was more intense to him, the slightly well stocked with game ones. In first half of the year, we will continue to market the 2005 for the Field of Goisses, for the end of the year it will be the 2006. It is a Champagne of exception. 
We there too market also our compartmental vintages 2006 with the account-drop bus there is very little of it, these vintages come from soils Great wine of Aÿ, of Mareuil-on-Aÿ, Cintres. This concept of compartmental is in the prolongation of what one does with Clos of Goisses to knowing, to show the excellence of our soils. We make wines of assemblies but there are not large champagnes without high-class wines of assembly resulting from large soils. 
One wants to thus show with this small vintage (volumes will remain very low) that our fasteners are of great quality with a clean personality. Our concept is to take part of our assemblies, to insulate it to emphasize its intrinsic quality. 
These three compartmental vintages will not be systematically elaborate each year that will depend on the year. We often millésimons our Champagnes, we took the option to make some less in volume but to exploit all the potential. With the compartmental one, we are more in one step of exception.
We are very satisfied because on the French market, our primary market, we come to make commercially the best year speaking about all times, that deserves to be underlined and let us be very proud we. It is a recognition of the consumers who trust us.”
Superb Champagne Field of Goisses 2005, of a great distinction, mature, with the powerful bouquet where the honeysuckle and the apple dominate, of a great richness to the palate, of very balanced frame, Champagne race, marked by its territory, all in mouth, of a very beautiful expression, combining elegance and vinosity, very distinguished.
The Field of Goisses Rosé 2005 is splendid, with these subtle connotations where the ripe fruits and the spices intermingle, of mouth intense and refined at the same time, to lead to mets spiced as on shellfish. “It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful years of the Fields of Goisses produced until now, continues Charles Philipponnat. Of a splendid rigor, very a great success that we will market with the account-drop bus there is very little of it, we will have to fix quotas for it. to support our faithful customers.” 
Grand Blanc 2006, with the concentrated nose where the broom, the apple and the small dried fruits dominate, of a great subtlety, mixes frame and smoothness, flexible, slightly miellé. 
Royale Réserve not proportioned, very subtle and rich with the nose, of a great aromatic complexity where one finds nuances of lemon and rennet, is an elegant and very bouquetée vintage, with this characteristic freshness. Royale Réserve rosé, of fruity mouth, light and round at the same time, with the nose of ripe small fruits, is subtle Champagne, all in flavors, all in distinction.
 Superb Champagne fermented 1522 rosé 2006, of beautiful supported color, it reveals a pallet of flavors, marked by the rose and raspberry, a wine of harmonious mouth and very fruity, a reference in the area like the white 2005, with this complex nose where the blackberry joins the strawberry, a mouth intense and refined at the same time, to lead to spiced mets. There is also Champagne Extra-crude fermented 1522, which gives off a fine and light foam, with dominant of white flowers and almond, very harmonious, very fine
Royale Réserve brut reveals, as for him, of the nuances of white flowers and honey, Champagne of a beautiful color but, with nuances in mouth of ripe fruits, notes of lime and honey, finely bouqueté. You give also pleasure with Blanc of blacks 2008, where the power mixes with elegance, complexity with an intensity of flavors dominated by the candied fruits and smoked, with a long and delicious final, largeChampagne, really remarkable.

Eugène RALLE Eugène RALLE

Eugène RALLE 

Nathalie Arnould
1, rue Gambetta
51360 Verzenay
Téléphone :03 26 49 40 12 
Télécopie : 03 26 49 44 40 
Email : arnould-ralle@wanadoo.fr 
Site : www.champagne-eugene-ralle.com 

Even owners that Pierre Arnould. Tradition, quality and family are the three principal values from these two Maisons. 
Indeed, Champagne Eugene Ralle was created in 1925 by the grandfather, who transmitted all his know-how and its passion to its grandson Pierre Arnould, who created his own brand in 1955.
You will like this Champagne Millésime 2008, all in savors, all in mouth (connotations of macerated small fruits, of spices…), with the subtle nose, of full mouth, a pretty persistence. In the line, this vintage E.R. head of vintage, large Champagne dense and refined, very fine, which feels the lime and the white peach, combining distinction and frame, intense and sharp, harmonious, full and scented with the palate, the typical citrus fruits notes finally. 
The Brut Great wine Réserve (75% black Pinot and 25% Chardonnay, proportioning liquor 1%), proportioned very well, with the notes of flowers and fruits (apricot, fishing), very elegant, of beautiful color, traditional and intense, of a great harmony to the palate, a very constructed but very fine, perfect vintage on a lobster, for example. 
Very tasty rosé Champagne, pure black Pinot, all in aromatic freshness, with notes of fresh fruits (strawberry, blackberry) and of violet, which combines savor and distinction. Their Ratafia is a delicious wine-based aperitif. 

René RUTAT & Fils René RUTAT & Fils

René RUTAT & Fils 

Michel et Évelyne Rutat
27, avenue du Général-de-Gaulle
51130 Vertus
Téléphone :03 26 52 14 79 
Télécopie : 03 26 52 97 36 
Email : champagne-rutat@wanadoo.fr 
Site : www.champagne-rene-rutat.com 

Family home since several generations where the fight more and more is practiced reasoned in this vineyard of 7 ha, planted to 95% of Chardonnay. the work of the vine and the wine is a tradition: great-grandparents wet coopers and grandparents vine growers gave the taste and the passion of the wine to their Rene son. Champagne Rene Rutat is born with the beginning of the year 1960 with the statute from owner-collecting. 
“We made a very beautiful vintage 2014, us says Michel Rutat, balanced well. That will make very expressive wines, with a beautiful concentration, very floral, greedy and fond of delicacies, all in smoothness.”
Always a reference with their Champagne Millésimé Premier Cru Blanc of white 2003, which associates aromatic richness and persistence in mouth, with hazel nut connotations, of dry apricot and ripe fruits,Champagne a beautiful length. Beautiful 2002, of a great freshness, of pale color but, fine and persistent bubbles, with the fresh nose and of a beautiful complexity to the citrus fruits notes and white fruits, with much of power and character to the palate, of a final to soft and delicate savors. Brut Nature is a success, an elegant vintage, of a great intensity, Champagne of fine foam and lives, a beautiful harmony to the nose like in mouth, with the subtle flavors of Narcisse and lemon.
Beautiful Premier Cru Blanc of white, rich person and round, but very fine, with the subtle nose (freshfruits, almond), all in aromatic persistence, a beautiful length. 
Their Dry Extra, Chardonnay only, two consecutive years assembly: 50% 2008, 50% 2009, are always very pleasant, marrying aromatic structure and persistence in mouth, with nuances of lemon and nut. Excel gross Grande Réserve Blanc of white, very balanced, with the grapefruit and lemon flavors mingled with acidulated apple and apricot notes, a vintage frank, very fine, all in freshness. There is also medium dry Champagne, of a great aromatic richness, with the intense color, suave, to discover on a roast poultry as on the desserts, and this red Vertus, with the pepper and very ripe raspberry flavors, of dense and persistent mouth, a harmonious, full and distinguished wine, of excellent evolution, which requires a raised kitchen.



Famille Simart
9, rue du Moulin
51530 Chouilly
Téléphone :03 26 55 42 06 
Télécopie : 03 26 55 95 92 
Email : contact@champagne-simart-moreau.fr 
Site : www.champagne-simart-moreau.fr 

Founded in 1974 per Pascal Simart, the house developed to exploit today 4.70 ha of vines, including 3.80 ha in Great wine, 0.70 ha in Premier Cru (3.40 ha are located at Chouilly and Being on fire for Chardonnay, and 1.10 ha in black Pinot and Pinot miller). Tradition versifies here with modernity: the grape is gathered with the hand and one remains faithful to the vertical press. After a stay in cellar, minimum three years after the vintage, comes discharging. 
“In 2013: average outputs, beautiful back season, from where maximum maturity, explains us Pascal Simart. We did everything in assembly years, not of Millésimé. The 2014 are a very beautiful year: heavy crop, well above quotas, in particular for Vieilles Vignes, it was necessary to select, there will be Millésimé 2014.
With the sale in 2015: Millésime 2007, gold medal in Paris in 2014 which will be marketed this year. From now on, 15 to 20% of the wines are sold with export: Japan, Australia, Spain, Luxembourg.” 
Very favorite for this Champagne Grande Réserve Great wine, 3/4 Chardonnay and 1/4 black, intense Pinot for the nose, the persistent fruity scents with nuances of blackberry, all in delicacy, of fruity mouth, subtly spiced as one needs it, a typified, frank, always very accessible vintage.Champagne fermented of Crayères 2006, pure Chardonnay, medal of Argent to the contest of Effervescents of Monde, is remarkable, of fine bubbles, with the fresh nose and from a beautiful complexity with notes of citrus fruits and fruits white, it releases much power and character to the palate, and a final on soft savors.  brut Sélection, of yellow color to the green reflections, the light bubbles, is of fresh mouth with almond and citrus fruits connotations. 
Cuvée of Desserts Great wine is a full and round high-class wine, with the dense nose, of pretty mouth, all in sweetness, perfect to accompany the sweetened pastry makings and mets. Excellent vintage brut Extra Réserve, out-of-date 12 months more than Grande Réserve, it is proportioned out of liquor, of yellow color scented with amber, with the full and persistent nose (brioche, citrus fruits), which associates freshness and frame, a rich and greedy wine. Pretty gross rosé, out-of-date three years minimum in suckers, Dominé by the dried fruits and the rose, of ripe and creamy mouth.



Didier et Thierry Vesselle
2, rue Yvonnet
51150 Bouzy
Téléphone :03 26 57 00 81 
Télécopie : 03 26 57 83 08 
Email : champagne.vesselle@wanadoo.fr 
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/champagne.vesselle 
Site : www.champagnevesselle.com 

A family exploitation of 9 ha vines, where one vinifies the vintages without malolacticfermentation. Ground argilo-limestone, exposed to the south, major ploughings of the vines since generations in order to accentuate the characteristics of the soil of Bouzy (80% black Pinot and 20% Chardonnay).
Superb Champagne Great wine Millésimé 2005, of beautiful aromatic complexity where are detected nuances of fresh fruits, brioche and nut, very balanced, full, of silky foam, a dense, complex and subtle wine at the same time. The vintage Réserve Great wine, international Challenge gold medal of the wine, with the nose all in persistence (citrus fruits, dried fruits), is frank Champagne, full, of a beautiful elegance, abundant foam, proportioned very well, combining frame and smoothness. There is also Millésimé Great wine 2004, rich with the nose, of a great aromatic complexity where nuances of lemon and honey, a beautiful vintage, distinguished are found, all in freshness and persistence finally. 
Brut Grand Gru Bouzy rosé, 100% black Pinot, obtained by short maceration, collects the rewards. The wine is, indeed, remarkable, of supported color, traditional with this raspberry nose ripe, dense, of beautiful persistent foam, rich, delicately scented with the palate. RedBouzy beautiful, of purplished color, bouqueté (blackcurrant, pepper and violet), powerful with the nose like in mouth, tasty, with silky, very persistent tannins and of excellent evolution, a great sure value.

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