EARL Laurent-Gabriel

In 1982, Daniel Laurent took over the family estate from his parents. His father used only a tiny part of his harvest for making his Champagne for a few friends and clients, the rest of the grapes being sold to traders. In Autumn 1982, Daniel decided to produce his own Champagne, with the assistance of his wife, and they registered their present trademark, "Champagne Laurent-Gabriel". The estate is a very small one, 2.5 hectares of vines producing about 18,000 bottles of Champagne per year. The ...



Jean-Pierre Cointreau

Family continuity precedes here. Today, Jean-Pierre Cointreau, in addition president of the National union of the liquor producers, take up his duties within the various entities of family Groupe and intend to undertake a perennial development of these two companies, Champagne Gosset and Cognac Frapin. For the history, the Gosset Champagne, oldest Wine House in Champagne: Ay 1584, was acquired by the family group Renaud-Cointreau (Frapin Winegrowing, in Cognac) in 1993. Side anecdote, let us ...




Vine growers since several generations, Maison Gremillet is a family estate where two generations work together. Composed of 40 hectares vines, it is located in a small village à180 km of Paris and to 45 km of Troyes, capital historical of Champagne. She markets 500,000 bottles each year throughout the world, her vintages are regularly rewarded among more international wine big competitions; recognized by the diplomatic world, it is more than 50 embassies and consulates which select their ...



Aurélie Lonclas

Located in the middle of the typical village of Bassuet, surrounded by the slopes where the invaluable ground is favourable with the culture of Chardonnay, Maison Lonclas was founded in 1976 by Bernard Lonclas. This owner impassioned by the ground and the wine, is assisted today by his Aurélie daughter. One combines here learnedly traditional know-how with current technologies: rigorous selection of the grapes during the grape harvest, material of before guard as well for pressing as within the ...



Didier et Thierry Vesselle

A family estate of 9 ha vines, where one vinifies the vintages without malolactic fermentation.
This house proposes to you this superb Champagne Grand Cru Millésimé 2000, all stops some, rich and complex, powerful and persistent, very fruity with the nose as in mouth, with crystallized notes, extremely well proportioned, perfect on a roast poultry. The Millésimé Grand Cru 2004, rich with the nose, is of a great aromatic complexity where one finds nuances of lemon and honey, a beautiful ...



Jacques Oudart

A village a few kilometres from Épernay, cradle of the Oudart house since 1958. The passion of the soil engaged for a long time already, this family to preserve her vineyard by privileging the maintenance of a biodiversity, the choice of products and techniques natural. This step of “reasoned” vine growing is a true frame of mind. Member of the network Magister, the estate is committed in a durable and effective wine step: total suppression of the use of insecticide since 10 years, quite simply ...



Isabelle et Benoist Perseval

Chamery, 1st vintage in the middle of the Montagne de Reims is a beautiful image! Our family which had already the passion of the wine there is installed since the beginning of XVIIIe century.

We apply since 1990 the integrated vine growing: a frame of mind whose objective is to respect the environment and to take part in the movement of sustainable development. We support that our activity must respect the environment and to allow to live there from generation to generation: it ...



Jean-Marc et Céline Charpentier

It is today the eighth generation of vine growers which directs this house founded in 1855.Le vineyard counts 20 ha under reasoned fight. The planted grape varieties are single and atypical for the area of the valley of the Marne: 45% of Chardonnay, 40% of Pinot meunier and 15% of Pinot noir. The barouche, emblem of the house represented on the label of the vintage Terre d' Emotion, symbolizes the duty to perpetuate know-how and the values received in heritage. The pieces of old vines intended ...



Jacques Tissier

The family Tissier, it is the experiment transmitted of father as son since 3 generations.
Today, it is Jacques Tissier who manages the winegrowing, while succeeding his Jean-Marie father and his grandfather Diogène Tissier. And it changing is ensured with his sons, Gaëtan and Anthony who already took the way of the Wine industry college with Avize. The diversity of this vineyard of ha, allows original assemblies during the composition of the vintages. After the setting out of bottle, 3 ...



Brigitte Legras

Our house was founded in 1991 per François Legras-Haas. The vineyard belongs to the family: 15 ha with Chouilly (Chardonnay Grand Cru), 10 ha with Vitry (Chardonnay), 6 ha with Les Riceys (Pinot noir). Rémi and Olivier took in hand the family company and are helped now by Jérôme. The house continues a reasonable progression both in France and with export. The Grand Cru Chouilly offers a potential of guard while presenting when it is young, a fresh and light character, appreciated with aperitif. ...



Christophe Boulard

Strong of her family tradition, the Boulard-Bauquaire family devotes itself to the culture of the vine with passion, since 8 generations. Denis Boulard chose to be established with his brothers with Cormicy around 1960. He took part in the rebirth of this vineyard. Today, his son Christophe and his Christiane wife combines know-how and modernity. Their vines, resulting from the wine-growing zones of the solid mass of Saint-Thierry, the Montagne de Reims and Vallée de la Marne, make it possible ...



Monsieur Chauvet

Estate created in 1960 per Pierre Lancelot, and taken again in 1996 by his/her daughter Sylvie and her son-in-law Michel Chauvet. The cellars are dug in the hillock of chalk right behind the house. The press is at the top of the hillock, must is conveyed in the tanks by gravity.
You will like this Champagne brut cuvée des Chevaliers Grand Cru, base of 2010 with 32% of the wines of reserve aged in the lightnings, 100% Great wines, with the nose dominated by the ripe fruits and the small ...



Arnaud Vautrain

The files of the house are not very full but one finds a diploma decreed in 1932, at the time of the “Market with the wines of Champagne” for a white wine of 1931. Rise starts after 1945 with Robert Vautrain who, having learned the wine making in a large house from Epernay, creates his own house. His Jean-Claude son marrying a girl of vine grower also creates in 1960 his house, the Champagne André Paulet. The two houses amalgamate in 1982. The vineyard was made up on the soils of AY and DIZY ...



Jean-Pierre Ellner

Founded at the beginning of 1900, The House Charles Ellner, is managed today by the 3rd generation whereas the 4th has already taken a very active part in it since several years. The family moved forward very fast and developed the company in a significant way, but was always very concerned about preserving the same family identity and know-how. For memory, at the beginning of the last century, Charles Emile Ellner founded the house. He was then assisted by is only son Pierre, with whom the ...



Pierre Mignon

Pierre and Yveline Mignon direct the family winegrowing and their two children take part in the development: Celine, in charge with the commercial relations and export, Jean-Charles, person in charge of the vineyard and the wines. The typicity and the diversity of the soils make it possible to work out Great champagnes of Caractère. The vineyard of 14 hectares is distributed in all Champagne: Valley of the Marne, Côte des Blancs and area of Epernay. The planted grape varieties with majority of ...



David et Véronique Bourdaire-Gallois

Family estate of 5.36 ha, including 4.60 ha of vine with which prevails of Pinot meunier. It is Robert Massonnot, the grandfather of David Bourdaire, who began the agri-wine activity thanks to some family grounds. In 1951, it founds with three other vine growers the co-operative of Pouillon and markets its first bottles in 1956. At that time, the co-operative is only one place of collection and pressing, which sells the harvest of the members in the form of musts to the traders Champagne. They ...



Eric Chanez et Alain Toullec

Initially vine grower, the Edmond great-grandfather chooses to become handling in the years 1920. His/her daughter Anne-Marie, then its André grandson (who did important work out of buildings, fermenting room, cellars in the years 1970) assisted today by, his two daughters, his sons-in-law modernized the work tools (press, the lightnings, tiling…) and its grandson, perpetuates the family tradition.
You will be able to discover this Champagne Dame Palmyre Blanc de noirs Millésime 2006, a ...



Nathalie Falmet

After studies of Chimie to Paris XI and one diploma for the occupation of oenologist in 1993, Nathalie Falmet takes again the family estate and becomes vigneronne, in the Côte des Bar. It is the first woman to have the titles of vigneronne and oenologist, and to exert these two trades simultaneously.
The vineyard is carried out in reasoned culture, the type of vines and the soils are expressed naturally, no discoloration of the juices to the vintage, the whole explaining the many rewards ...



Virginie et Olivier Huot

Vine growers since XIXème century, the Huot family transmits her value and her love of the ground from generation to generation. After the 2nde world war, Mr. Louis Huot created his own brand: “L. Huot Fils” that his son Louis and his small son Jean-Pierre will get busy to develop.
Today, they are his back small children, Olivier and Virginia, who exploit the family winegrowing in the respect of the tradition.
Our range consists of 5 Vintages: 
- Vintage Brut Initiale brut ...



Cyril Jeaunaux

Michel Jeaunaux begins the trade of vine grower, in 1965. With this date, the grape is brought to the co-operative of the village. In 1973, it mary with Marie-Claude, and they install the first press (traditional) of the house. The first wine makings start then. Since, the fermenting room and the cellar were built. In 1999, Cyril, their son, joined them, and in 2003, a second traditional press is installed. Of 500 bottles produced at the beginning, the house endeavors from now on to vinify ...




The origins vigneronnes of the Arnould family go up at the end of last century. At the time, the Lefevre grandfathers exploit vines located on the soil Great wine of Verzenay, the grapes being sold at the large Country cottages. The first bottles were marketed in the Thirties. With beginning of the year 60, the little girl of the family Lefevre get maried with Michel Arnould and create together their own brand “Michel Arnould”. In 1972, they begin export in England. Today, their son Patrick and ...