Château d'ESTEAU 

Hélène Musso

33250 Saint-Sauveur
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Since nearly thirty years, Serge Playa undertook his work: to restore an old already known property in XVIIe century and to give again its last gloss to him. Indeed, Château d' Esteau existed already when Belleyme, geographer of Roi, traced the chart of Médoc in 1766. Since, the successions, the urbanization and, alas the wine crises reduced its surface but essence remains: 4 ha of a soil where the low register garonnaise prevails, gathered around the buildings what confers on the wines a single typicity. The plantation, of a matured density, makes the good share with the Cabernet-Sauvignon. One banished weeding them. All work of the ground is mechanical, the manual grape harvest what guarantees a pitiless sorting of the best bunches. The wine making is done in a traditional way, with a long cuvaison which ensures the extraction of the flavors, and ageing is carried out during 22 month on average, out of barrels of fine oak of Allier renewed at a rate of 30% per annum. Since 2009, Château d' Esteau produces a second wine, vintage7 & +, resulting mainly from its young vines, and in which the Cabernet-Sauvignon and the wooded one are marked. It results from it a true wine pleasure, very appreciated in the Parisian breweries where it is represented, and in the new countries consuming wine.
The whole explains this excellent Haut-Médoc 2012, with the notes of prune and underwood, of full and generous mouth, with firm and silky tannins at the same time, of color crimson, typified well, frankly tasty. Excels 2011, complex, with firm and silky tannins at the same time, a wine which mixes aromatic concentration and flexibility, with the flavors of spices and morello cherry, with, in mouth, of the nuances of candied fruits and underwood. “This 2011 (65% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 5% frank Cabernet) has a color of average intensity, tells us Serge Playa, a wine with the fruity notes and smoke with the nose, attacks flexible, volume in mouth, a correct structure, a well balanced wine.” 
The 2010 are remarkable, at beautiful color supported crimson, with the notes of raspberry and cinnamon, of a great harmony, very scented, séveux, generous and persistent, to envisage on a cassolette of laugh and kidneys of calf to mustard, for example. Beautiful 2009, of a great classicism, garnet-red color, quite vigorous but very fine, with these blackcurrant and blackberry notes, which mix smoothness and frame.



Scea des Vignobles Marengo
BP 89
33250 Pauillac
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Château produces Haut-Médoc admitted since 1932 with the classification of the middle-class vintages. The property understands 24 ha of old vines on average from 15 to 20 years, exploited in agriculture of conservation. 
“For 10 years, one specifies, we have used methods and natural products to treat our seedlings, to work our grounds, to support diversity between the rows… and to allow the vines to be reinforced for thus expressing itself fully. Besides our determination to preserve the richnesses of our soil and our will to respect our environment, we are convinced to improve of this way quality of our wines. Our creed: to produce a wine which combines modernity and classicism, elegance and smoothness while revealing specificities of each year so that each vintage expresses best fruit.
After the difficult year 2012, for which the quality of the grapes did not seem to us worthy of our requirement and that we gathered the grapes with ground, therefore not produced, we wished to give even more attention to the fruits of our years 2013 and 2014 until in our wine storehouses. 
For two years, we have carried out alcoholic fermentations of more than half of each vintage directly out of barrels to integrate even more precociously and all carefully wood in ageing, to reduce the use of the pumps at the time them fermentations and thus to respect the integrity of the fruit; only barrels of Bordeaux (225l) for the 2013, but also some barrels of 400L for the year 2014 in order to optimize the compartmental selection. Then 100% of malolactic fermentations were carried out out of barrels. These two years are characterized by their color, very concentrated, and by the intensity of the expression of their entirely preserved fruit.”
One has patience with this Haut-Médoc 2011, of powerful and dense mouth, with the nuances of raspberry, humus and liquorice, a constant and quite fleshy structure, of a tasty final, to envisage on a saddle of lamb to small frozen vegetables. Beautiful 2010, dense, with the nuances of smoked and wild strawberry ripe, intense, of sunk color, with the slightly spiced nose (pink pepper), with tannins quite present, of excellent guard like this 2009, traditional, with much of fruit, a beautiful matter, a fleshy wine, scented, all in mouth, tasty, of excellent guard. 
The 2008 mix power and distinction, very traditional, with the powerful red fruit flavors marked by a final of strawberry and cherry, of suave mouth, underlined by sharp but packed tannins. The 2007, bronze medal with the Féminalise contest of Beaune, all in charm, of a beautiful width, feels the wild strawberries and the humus, a pretty wine, constructed and flexible at the same time. The 2006 are richer, séveux with palate, the subtle (blackcurrant, humus), powerful but distinguished perfumes, with a very harmonious final. 



Françoise et Nicolas De Courcel
57, rue Saint-Ahon
33290 Blanquefort
Téléphone :05 56 35 06 45 
Télécopie : 05 56 35 87 16 
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Property of Charles de Montesquieu in XVIIIe century, Château Saint Ahon, is one of the last five wine winegrowing estates of the commune of Blanquefort, established on 40 ha, including 31 of vines, the unit located at 25 minutes of the center of Bordeaux. In 2003, Nicolas and Francoise Chodron de Courcel choose to leave Paris with their children to settle in Saint Ahon and to redraw a future with the property in the well engaged context of the wine crisis. At the summer 2011, Château Saint Ahon definitively opens its doors with the œnotourism with “Petite Boutique de Saint Ahon”, a shop of wines and delicatessen, and “Les Jardins de Mirabel”, a œno-ludic course in the middle of the property. These two activities come to supplement and perfect the already existing oenotouristic offer. Today, the castle counts two new lists and a space parking of motor home!
The winegrowing estate is led in agriculture reasoned since 2005 and is still today in a phase of major and qualitative reorganization. Indeed, the understocks and type of vines are selected according to the various typicities of grounds. In 2013, certification Haute Valeur Environnementale level 3 comes to reward all these efforts as regards reasoned agriculture.
“Year 2013: the wine still out of barrels, minor amount and drastic selection explain one year pleasant, harmonious, fine, tells us Nicolas de Courcel. For the 2014, the assemblies started, it starts its ageing out of barrels. Quality and quantity are joined together, beautiful balance, harmonious. In 2015, we propose the 2008,2009,2011,2012 and a few 2010.”
An good occasion, therefore, to emerge this Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2012, of mouth rich and harmonious, with the fruity and spiced connotations, tannins ripe and rich, traditional and powerful, elegant, with matter. Tasty 2011, medal of Argent to the contest of Paris, full, all in mouth, a success, with the powerful flavors of black fruits and underwood. Remarkable 2010, gold medal with the open of Paris, beautiful wine of color crimson, quite bulky competition, with the nose dense with notes of violet, liquorice and prune, traditional and concentrated, combining smoothness and structure, for ageing. the 2009, bronze medal with Mâcon, of beautiful color crimson, with ripe tannins but quite as rich, dominated by blackcurrant and raspberry, fleshy as it is needed, develops much volume.


Château TOUR-du-ROC 

Philippe et Emmanuel Robert
1, rue de l'Église
33460 Arcins
Téléphone :05 56 58 90 25 
Télécopie : 05 56 58 94 41 
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A family property since several generations, which extends on 12 ha from gravelly croups very quite exposed (not of chemical weed control, manual grape harvest, traditional wine making with long3 weeks cuvaison, ageing out of barrels of oak for 12 months…). 
Great success with this Haut-Médoc 2012, with the notes of ripe red fruits and spices, dense in mouth, quite constructed, full and flexible at the same time, of tannic good base, a wine very quite high, scented, all finally, of very good evolution. Remarkable 2010, with the nose complexes with dominant fresh fruits, with nuances of spices and truffle, of a beautiful structure with much of elegance, very balanced, cordial. the 2008, medal of Argent to the contest of Grands Vins in Mâcon 2010, to dense tannins, the scents of cherry black and humus, full and is structured, very persistent, of beautiful evolution. “This 2008 are a tannic wine, specify Emmanuel Robert, with a beautiful color, for ageing and the 2010 are a great year, very fruity, very round with a great capacity of ageing.” The 2007, medal of Argent to the contest Bordeaux wines of Aquitaine 2009, to the connotations of small stone-fruits and spices, rich person, fleshy and dense, with matter and tannins, is a powerful wine, of a beautiful harmony in mouth, very successful. Beautiful 2005, intense and coloured, with the pepper and cinnamon, blackcurrant flavors, vigorous, full, with very structured tannins, a wine rich in flavors, of fort beautiful evolution like the 2004, with the nose of small fruits, firm and suave, very balanced, richly bouqueté, which is a very pretty wine.


Château La GALIANE 

Christiane Renon

33460 Soussans
Téléphone :05 57 88 35 27 
Télécopie : 05 57 88 70 59 
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Château Galiane owes its name to the English General Galian who since this place ordered the English troops during the occupation of Aquitaine in XVe century. Family exploitation since several generations, planted of 50% from Cabernet-Sauvignon, 45% of Merlot and 5% of Petit Verdot, which has a perfect balance, traditional and traditional ofMargaux name. The vineyard is distributed on croups of fine low registers. 
“Year 2013, small harvest, the wines are light, to drinking quickly, explains us Christiane Renon. In 2014: quantity plus quality, the wines have good tannins, are well coloured, pleasant, all in nuances of flavors. With the sale in 2015, the 2012.”
One is under the charm of his Margaux 2012, typified, race, of garnet-red color constant, which combines a beautiful structure with a pretty flexibility, all in nuances of flavors with connotations of plum, violet and prunecordial mouth dominated by macerated raspberry. the 2011 is remarkable, with firm and well balanced tannins, with the ripe plum notes, a powerful wine, very tasty, of molten mouth where dominates the crystallized prune, of excellent evolution, which one can begin to be used on the laminated ones for morels. Very beautiful 2010, rich in bouquet as out of matter, all in mouth with nuances of black fruits compotes, with balanced tannins, complete, for ageing. the 2009, coloured, is powerful with the palate, with ripe tannins, a wine which feels good ripe currant and the humus, all in roundness, of good frame, structured and fine at the same time, of very good guard, to lead to a loin of lamb to garlic. the 2008 is all color and out of matter, with the nose of morello cherry and smoked, rich and fatty, intense, of a beautiful balance, a wine with tannins quite present but silky, promising. The 2007, with beautiful supported color, with the slightly spiced nose, with nuances of blackberry, mingle a pretty frame with a tempting roundness with the papillae, and are really perfectly currently tasted.
It there has also its other Margaux Château Charmant, whose vineyard of 5 ha is planted on croups of fine low registers, which has vine stocks centenaries, the culture is done by a fertilization carried out containing organic manure. 
The 2012, of traditional mouth, of supported structure, rich and scented, with its round and rich tannins, these blackcurrant and blackberry notes finally, are a wine which combines smoothness and frame, with dense and silky tannins. the 2011, with the rich nose dominated by the ripe black small fruits, is all harmonizes some, a wine with silky and tasty tannins. Beau 2010, quite vigorous, which feels the wild strawberry and the humus, a velvety, of beautiful matter, powerful mouth, fine, fleshy, balanced, scented wine with the palate (morello cherry, blackberry), of very good evolution. The 2009, with the flavors of dominant ripe red fruits, round mouth supported by pretty tannins, are a traditional and quite constructed wine. Powerful 2008, of garnet-red color, where the morello cherry and the spices dominate, a beautiful traditional wine which combines frame and flexibility, with quite firm tannins, the complex nose. The 2007, of a beautiful garnet-red color deep, are very aromatic, with the fine nose dominated by notes of liquorice and blackcurrant, a dense, full wine with a key spiced finally, which is tasted very well today.


Château Le BOURDIEU 

Guy Bailly
1, route de Troussas
33340 Valeyrac
Téléphone :05 56 41 58 52 
Télécopie : 05 56 41 36 09 
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Vineyard of 38 ha planted on a ground of stony formation interfered with sand and clay (it is what one calls of the “croups”). Built around 1830 per Philippe Delacourt, recognized Seigneur of Bourdieu, in the architectural style of the houses of Master of XIXe century, Château appeared already in the 2nd edition of Féret (1878) like in the 1st classification of “Crus Bourgeois” of 1932.
You will like this Médoc 2012 (50% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 50% Merlot), fleshy, a wine rich in matter, with balanced tannins, where the blackberry and the blackcurrant mix, full and solid, of rich and vigorous mouth. the 2011 is excellent, of a beautiful major red, concentrated and fruity, with flexible tannins, and a nose where the currant and the plum dominate, with a light peppered key. the 2010, very representative of this great year, characterized by a nose complexes (blackcurrant, spices…), joins together power and flexibility, rich person and end, typified well, fleshy, of full mouth. Superb 2009, with the subtle nose dominated by persistent flavors of smoked, humus and of black cherry, very balanced, full, of beautiful tannic presence, a wine, very promising. The 2008 are firm and persistent, with the pepper and blackberry scents, with tannins balanced very well, combining structure and elegance with the palate, where the blackcurrant and the underwoods prevail, a for ageing wine. The 2007, of mouth dense, with marked notes of blackberry and morello cherry, rich color, develop molten and very tasty tannins.

Château Les GRAVES de LOIRAC

Château Les GRAVES de LOIRAC 

(MÉDOC) Mme Gillet
21, chemin du Centre
33590 Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac
Téléphone :05 56 09 48 97 et 06 77 87 41 73 
Télécopie : 05 56 09 48 97 
Email : 

A family exploitation of 8 ha gravelly earth (66% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 34% black Merlot, ageing 8 to 12 months out of barrels of oak). 
Excellent Médoc 2012, intense, full with the nose like in mouth, with firm tannins, which should hold its promises. Pretty 2011, traditional of this year, at the same time rich and flexible, very balanced, very fleshy, with the nose dominated by the red fruits and truffle. the 2010 joins together concentration aromatic and flexibility, with the notes of ripe morello cherry, with this pepper point tempting, coloured, fleshy, of silky but powerful mouth, for ageing like the 2009, of color crimson, rich person and elegant, all is in mouth, well spiced, with currant notes.

Château de PANIGONMÉDOC Château de PANIGON

Château de PANIGON 

Georges Dadda

33340 Civrac-en-Médoc
Téléphone :05 56 41 37 00 et 06 86 18 63 85 
Télécopie : 05 56 41 37 00 
Email : 

The vineyard develops on low register croups worthy of the best soils from Médoc, 50%  Merlot, 45% Cabernet-Sauvignon and 5%  Petit Verdot. manual and mechanical Grape harvest with recycling by piece, ageing out of new barrels 100% including 33% , and a stay from 12 to 18 months.
“In 2013, we says Georges Dadda, volume was lower by 30% compared to the other years. Average quality, light wine, one accentuates the work of ageing to try to improve it. In 2014, all is there, volume, structure, fruity, one year for ageing. In 2015, are available the 2012, then the 2013.”
Here is beautiful Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2012, with the very intense nose (blackberry, morello cherry), of mouth subtly spiced, rich, promising, of a beautiful final. the 2011, scented and persistent, with silky tannins, balanced, mingles an unquestionable frame with a pretty flexibility with the palate, of good guard. The 2010, of supported color, with the spice, ripe blackcurrant notes and of smoked, rich and tasty, are concentrated, scented, and continue a fort beautiful evolution, like the 2009, which does not have anything to envy to him.
Taste Médoc Château Amour 2011, ageing from 6 to 8 months 100% out of barrels, cordial, a rich wine, with the intense nose, of major, complex color with the nose like in mouth (prune, spices), with ripe tannins. Very tasty 2010, scented (prune, violet), combining roundness and structure in mouth, séveux, of good frame. Very pleasant Rosé of Panigon, beautiful supported color, with the notes of raspberry, floral and fruity mouth.


Château POMYS 

Arnaud SA
33180 Saint-Estèphe
Téléphone :05 56 59 32 26 
Télécopie : 05 56 59 35 24 
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A vineyard of 12 ha, with an average age of the 25 year old vines (60% of Cabernet-Sauvignon, 30% of Merlot and 10% of frank Cabernet, manual grape harvest and ageing out of barrels of oak during 12 to 18 months, recycling…). 
Excel Saint-Estèphe 2012, with the persistent nose (morello cherry, violet), balanced, fatty, with ripe tannins, rich color as out of matter, with the scents of strawberry and humus, with a point of pepper, all in mouth. the 2011 is traditional of this year when the flexibility dominates, of purplished color, with the nose slightly peppered with greedy notes of wild strawberry and bilberry. Beautiful 2010, with firm and fine tannins at the same time, fat, rich in flavors, with the notes of cooked fruits, cinnamon and humus, very balanced with the nose like in mouth. 
Saint-Estèphe Château Saint-Estèphe 2012, typified, fine and vigorous at the same time, finely spiced, a harmonious and powerful, tasty wine finally, where dominate of the notes of blackcurrant, morello cherry and spices. The 2011, with these notes very characteristic of smoked andprune, with harmonious tannins, are elegant with the palate, constructed, of dense mouth, quite molten, where intermingle with the notes of ripe red fruits and liquorice finally. the 2010, of beautiful color supported crimson, with the blackberry and truffle notes, slightly spiced with the palate, concentrate and fleshy, a wine rich in matter, with balanced tannins, full, firm and flexible at the same time, for ageing like the east the 2009, cordial, charmer, a wine where mix the blackberry and the blackcurrant, solid, of rich and vigorous mouth, with balanced and ripe tannins, of a dense final, to lead to nice of calf with embeurrée of cabbage, for example. 
One will with pleasure accommodate you with Pomys hotel trade *** for a convivial and luxurious halt. Ten rooms with breakfast, of the roomy living rooms and a meeting room, seminars, a gourmet restaurant and a service delicatessen.